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Advice from Hauling Specialists

Use These Tips to Successfully Clean Your Attic or Garage  

Clean your garage or attic can be a daunting and overwhelming experience, particularly it’s filled to the brim with clutter. Fortunately, you can make the clearing process easier by taking several steps! Start by hiring a company that offers junk removal and hauling services and can help you dispose of your old furniture, damaged appliances, and other items that you’ve stored in your attic or garage. With their assistance, you’re assured that your belongings will be brought to the appropriate recycling or disposal facilities, and you’ll save lots of time and effort as well.

Aside from hiring a junk removal company, you can also use the following tips:

Ensure your health and safety

Cleaning out your garage or attic isn’t exactly dangerous, but you must still take some steps to protect your health and prevent accidents. Wear a mask that can filter out dust and other pollutants, and turn on all the lights in the area before starting your cleanout to ensure that you can easily see what you’re doing and where you’re going. If you’re cleaning your attic, watch out for loose or rotten floorboards as well as nails that are sticking out from the planks.

Categorize your things

When doing attic or garage cleanouts, some people decide to throw out everything that’s in the space while others end up keeping all of the clutter they come across. There’s nothing wrong with either option, but you must realize that there’s a third and much better choice: to separate the things that you can still use from those that you no longer need or want. By doing so, you can minimize the clutter in your property while still keeping items that are meaningful for you.

Follow these tips to successfully clean out your attic or garage! If you’d like to get additional advice, or if you’re still searching for the right hauling and junk removal experts to hire, make sure to reach out to Aladdin Hauling. Our team is based in Burlingame, CA, and we can assist you with removing unwanted items from your property and ensuring that they’re properly disposed of. Call us now at (650) 222-4763!