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Questions for Junk Hauling Experts

Hiring a Junk Hauling Company? Ask These Questions First  

Disposing of old furniture, appliances, and other items isn’t easy, especially if you have a large number of things that you need to get rid of. So, to spare yourself from the stress and hassle, it’s better to hire a junk removal company instead of taking the DIY route. You can find the right junk hauling experts by asking the following questions:

What are the items that you accept?

Generally, junk removal companies accept all types of items except for hazardous materials like paint, paint thinners, fertilizers, pesticides, batteries, aerosol cans, and swimming pool chemicals. However, different companies have different rules, so you must ask your contractor to know about the specific items that they can and don’t accept.

What are your rates?

It’s not advisable to hire a junk removal company simply because they offer the cheapest rates. However, it’s still important to ask about their rates so you’ll have a clear idea of your total junk removal costs and be able to prepare your budget beforehand. Asking about the company’s rates also lets you compare them with those of other contractors and find out whether they’re offering reasonable prices or charging you too much.

What types of junk removal equipment do you have?

Removing furniture and other heavy objects can be difficult without the right tools. So, when hiring a junk removal expert, you must confirm that they have all the tools and equipment that they need to remove your unwanted items in a safe and efficient way. You should also verify that their trucks are big enough to haul away furniture, mattresses, and other large and/or odd-shaped items.

Find the ideal junk removal specialists to trust by asking the questions listed above. If you’re in Burlingame, CA, you don’t have to look far since Aladdin Hauling is always ready to assist you. Call us now at (650) 222-4763 to know more about our junk hauling services and schedule an appointment with our team!